Switch DB is a basic object oriented hierarchical database platform which do returns as JSON formatted according to the parameters given. It basicly does most of works that relational databases can do. You don't have to maintain, administer or backup the server because it's an all online product depends on a cloud system. Switch DB always guarantees you to get answers fastly due to some little optimization arrangements, even your database is much complicated and big.

Switch DB makes your all data transmissions work as JSON formatted on APIs based on REST. You don't have to create schemas at any databases. You can add JSON objects you will give to your database lists, call back them from these lists, search with using equal, not equal, like, greather than and less than parameters like at relational databases. Switch DB sorts the suitable results automatically according to the object and paginates automatically according to the object count that will be returned. Your datas are kept our servers in Istanbul, Frankfurt and California with all their backups and also due to our CDN points at these locations, all datas at our base, that will answer to from the closest server to you, are kept as encrypted. You can integrated to Switch DB basicly as you use Switch Framework C#, Python and JavaScript libraries. You use a different language? Don't be sad. Switch DB's APIs based on REST are very simple.

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